Dance in the Rain

Rachel and children from the preschool sing and dance.

Rachel shares about dancing in the rain:

I spent one of the first weekends I was here with a family in a rural area outside of Mabopane. Moments after I arrived at their home, a delicious  dinner was served. Not seconds after praying for our food, a storm rolled  in, and we lost power. Not a grumble was made, candles were lit, and we carried on with our meal singing hymns and laughing! Throughout the weekend, this beautiful family continued to teach me lessons about the importance of not waiting for the storm to pass, but to dance in the rain instead! When I left on Sunday, Mama gave me the nickname, “Mmapula,” woman of the rain. She explained, “Remember on Friday? You arrived, and it rained. You brought the rain and the blessings to our  family.” I think the name suits my rainy eyeballs.


3 thoughts on “Dance in the Rain

  1. Rachel, I’m so proud of our Concordia Nursing graduate! You are truly making a difference in the world – dancing in the rain or the sunshine! Your smile will bring cheer wherever you go! Lu Vitalis

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