Hold On

Kyle writes a poem to help express his experience:

Hold On

Over and yonder and
round the next bend
Is the promise of mercy
on this I depend

For life rarely shows me
that which I seek
And so I must wait
as I have every week

Great longing for action
from God in this world
See death greed corruption
into the void hurled

Sometimes it is painful
i so often miss
All that I hope for
sweet promise of bliss

Sweet sliver of mercy
if you I should find
I’ll be deeply thankful
my pain might unwind

I try to be patient
and slow to get mad
At a world that has evil
And makes me so sad

We’re slaves to injustice
we know it’s unfair
God says on each head
that he loves every hair

We’re part of one body
we’re part of one soul
Yet Broken Heart Pieces
are hard to make whole


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