A Beautiful Vision

DSC_0427Inspired by an experience at one of her service sites, Taisha writes:

I saw the Father today. He was small, but strong. He was poor in the worldly sense. He was a father. His wife was dead, and he lived with his sons. As we pulled into his kraal, he was bathing his son in a plastic tub next to the house. His son was about my age. He was intellectually and physically disabled, so he was not able to wash himself. The father took his time washing his entire body with a cloth, then scrubbing with a stone, and then rinsing off. He washed with diligence until the son was truly clean. When finished with bathing, the father went inside and brought out lotion and soothed his son’s entire body.

I saw Jesus today. He washed his child, just as he washed the feet of his disciples.

I felt the Spirit today. It descended on a child of God and cared for his needs. It descended on his child watching the humble scene before her eyes.

I saw God today. The God I know washes us. He cleans every part of us and makes us whole. He gives us fresh life. He smooths us out when we have rough spots. He knows everything about us and cares deeply about us. I love that we have a Father who loves us so deeply, a Savior that taught us so much about how to serve, and a Spirit that lives within and guides us all of our days.


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Vision

  1. This is beautiful, Taisha. I am so excited to see you when you get home and hear about your adventures and all that God had shown you. I feel so blessed to read your words and excited by the Spirit who lives within us.

  2. I too just read this, and wow! What an opportunity for you to be used of God and be His servant…Taisha….I am so proud of you! Thank you for stepping out in faith and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you on this mission….you will have so much to share, and I hope I can be there to hear your story….may God bless you and keep using you to His glory:-)

  3. You are an amazing young lady; may God continue to use you as a vessel for all of us to see Him through your eyes and words. Thank you…..

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