Bag Lady

DSC01230They call me the bag lady. I have a colorful bag that I use to carry things with me. Being a camp counselor for four summers means there are some pieces of you that will never change. I always have a bag of tricks with me because you never know what life is going to throw at you. Every time we leave the house they ask if I am ready and if I am not I go to get my bag and shoes. Then when we arrive to where we are going, I get out with my bag and they joke here comes the bag lady.
My bag is bigger than usual because I never know where we are going next or how late we will be out. Since it is usually hot in Venda, many buildings do not have heating, which means at night it can get chilly (and this time of month we are in transition from winter to spring, so the chilliness can vary). So I carry a zip-up and a scarf. Being involved with the church, we will go to church events. Each person has their own Bible and hymnal, and there have been times where we just pull out the hymnal and sing (most people know the songs by heart—I like being able to read the Venda words that I am saying). So I also have my Venda hymnal, Venda Bible, and English Bible (to understand what verse we are talking about). Now, since I am a visual learner, I need to write things down (specifically words) so I have in my bag pocket a small notebook and pen. I also like to write down events or random thoughts to journal about later so I do not forget, so I also have a larger notepad. Oh, and I need a mode of communication, so I have the cell phone that was given to us by the YAGM program. I also have a snack and a water bottle because I never know how long things will last and when you may feel like your blood sugar is low.

I am the bag lady.  


One thought on “Bag Lady

  1. Hi, Elle,   I am happy to get your post about your experiences in SA.  You sound like you are settling in a bit.   I will send on your blogs to others in the NIS, including the Global Mission Committee.   Pastor Janet of St James was quite excited to hear you had become a YAGM.  I was pleased to hear that you worked with the St James Youth last year.   By the way, I live in Rock Island, and attend Trinity-Moline.  Oh, and I graduated from Augie in 1969 – you know, in the last century!   Go on with good courage.   Art Milton, Chair NIS Global Mission Committee


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