Tis the Season!

DSC_0182Keenan reflects upon the Christmas season in South Africa:

If I had any doubts about what was the most important thing in the life of your average South African before the month of December I don’t anymore. It has been an absolute blessing to witness the joy it brings to people here simply to be together with family.

December is just exactly that here in South Africa. People travel from all corners of the country to return home and be with family. Everyone comes together for no other reason then to be together. To cook together, to eat together, to drink together, and laugh together.

Today in the super market I was reminded of the consumer society culture I come from in America as people crowded into every isle of the store. The difference though was that these people weren’t crowding into a store to get the best Black Friday deal, or the latest great technology to put under the Christmas tree. Everyone was filling their trollies to the brim with food to share with family.

So this holiday season I challenge those reading back in the states, or anywhere else in the world, to truly remember the reason for the season. Enjoy the little things that surround you in this time, and hold onto your loved ones a little tighter then you usually do.


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