Thoughts From a YAGM Mom

Dana Lamb writes as a mom who is about to send her daughter off on a YAGM year in Southern Africa. May God bless the families and the faith communities that raise and send these people of faith to share their lives with others for a year. Dana writes:

On Sunday, we had a “sending blessing” for our daughter, Brittani Lamb, at our home congregation, First Lutheran Church in St. Peter, MN. She will be serving in the Young Adults in Global Mission program in Southern Africa for the next year.

It was an emotional day as the reality of her leaving is sinking in. I wouldn’t say I have been in “denial”, as I have been preparing myself for this day for quite a while now, but that didn’t stop the tears!

Why tears? Tears of pride, tears of joy, tears of apprehension, tears of excitement, tears of heartache, as I know how much I will miss having her home for the holidays, family events, and even just a quick shopping trip! Even though she has been at college for four years, and working at summer jobs, she has never been more than a day’s drive away. This will change soon and I am so thankful for the support of our church family and prayers from friends.

When we moved to St. Peter nearly twenty years ago, we searched for a church that would welcome our family, as we did not know anyone in town. It has been so much more than that. Our family has been blessed by our church in ways we never could have imagined, from being in a small group of families with toddlers (most of whom are now out of high school) to participating in Sunday school, Confirmation, church musicals, camp and leadership roles in worship.

After seeing everyone talk to Brittani on the way out of church, I know she is not in this journey by herself. She is being guided by the hand of God and the prayers of our entire First Lutheran family. As we heard on her baptism day and in the verse she chose for her confirmation day, I know she will “let her light so shine before others so they can see her good works and glorify her Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)




4 thoughts on “Thoughts From a YAGM Mom

  1. Dana, my YAGM Abby Henderson just returned from her year in South Africa. One year ago I was exactly where you describe being now. What I can tell you is that Abby had a fantastic experience and I’m so grateful she was gifted this life-changing opportunity. Tessa is INCREDIBLE – she and her husband Jon guide the YAGMS, make sure they are safe, provide an in-country home base, provide books to read and follow-up discussion along with stability and guidance and wisdom. Brittani will be fine and SO WILL YOU!

  2. Reblogged this on Britt in South Africa and commented:
    My awesome mom wrote this for the YAGM Southern Africa program blog ( I appreciate all the prayers and support I have gotten – please remember to include my family (especially my mom!) in those too! ❤

  3. Our son, David, will be joining Brittani on that flight to South Africa on Aug 20. We are anticipating his commissioning ceremony at our church in Duluth, MN on Aug 10. Thank you for sharing your experience and emotions that went with Brittani’s “sending blessing.” I, too, feel those many same emotions on any given day. Your message is a good warning for what to expect that morning. Thank you.

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