The Young Adults in Global Mission program in Southern Africa began in August of 2007.  The program was begun by Country Coordinators Rev. Brian and Kristen Konkol, who served until May of 2012.  During the time of their service, the YAGM program in Southern Africa was also known as M.U.D. – Ministry Upstream Downwind.  The YAGM – SA program continues to be influenced by this model.

Current Country Coordinator and Associate Country Coordinator, Rev. Tessa Moon Leiseth and Jon Leiseth began in April of 2012.  Eight YAGM servant-learner-volunteers arrived in August 2012 to begin the fifth program year in Southern Africa.

Through its years in Southern Africa, the YAGM program has involved many North American young adults as well as countless people from Southern Africa and especially from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA).

Past YAGM participant-learners:

Crystal H, Eddie J, Alicia K, Christina M, Kelly S, Jacinda S, Matthew S, Amy S

Stephanie A, Nate B, Lauren B, John C, Hannah G, Kate H, Heather L, Kristen O, Michael R, Elliott W

Josh B, Bethany D, Christine D, Jessica F, Mike L, Heather N, Kate P, Valerie R, Andrew S, Amanda T, Joy W

Elise A, Elizabeth D, Taylor H, Samantha H, Nicki H, Rachel Cady L-K, Jordan M, Steven O, Jamie O, Kate R, Krista W, Isaac W

Kyle B, Laura C, Alex C, Rachel H, Jen J, Katie J, Taisha M, Kaleb S


Emily D, Brent E, Abby H, Elle J, Kelly M, Luke R, Rachel S, Joe T, Keenan W, Hannah W


Adwoa A, Mae Helen J, Brittani L, Hannah S, Brett T, Emmeline W, John Y, Dave Z, Caitlyn Z


Abby J, Anna S, Joshua A, Mackenzie A, Ryan M, Sarah O, Taylor W, Tori H, Lily Z



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